maandag 1 augustus 2011

Deceptive Dutch Word, 1 Augustus 2011

brave = honest/well-behaved

"Brave" is the adjective used with the definite article. For the indefinite article, neuter words take "braaf". Diminutives always take the neuter form.

de brave auto (car, masculine)
de brave beweging (motion/movement, feminine)
het brave paard (horse, neuter)

een brave auto
een brave beweging
een braaf paard

een braaf autootje
een braaf beweginkje
een braaf paardje

Strictly speaking, Dutch words have a grammatical gender. For the neuter form it is easy: those are "het" words. However, most Dutch people wouldn't be able to tell you which words are feminine and which are masculine, because both are "de" words. (Including me. I looked these up.)

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